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Learning how to learn summary

WEEK 1 OF 4 ​Focused mode vs diffuse mode Foused mode  when you concentrate on something you want to learn. It's like focusing your flashlight in one specific area. Advantage  It will strongly focus on one area of your brain and recently known facts Disadvantage   But it will not focus on other area of your brain Diffuse mode   is when you are in relaxed state not thinking about anything. It's like flashlight that casts it's light very broadly, but not very strongly in any one area. How to use diffuse mode When you are solving a tough problem for a long time stop your focus on the problem be in a relaxed state and do another work like walking, take a shower, or talk to a friend etc., after sometime you will get some ideas to solve a problem Some important points If you are learning something new don't try to learn it in a day, learn little everyday After learning and a night's sleep you are not the same person you are in yesterday Many new s